The best product lines to donate light, vitality, beauty to your face, and to solve skin problems of young and mature skins.

  • Detoderm

  • Products to deeply purify the skin, and enhance its breathing activity
  • Hydra

  • Face cosmetics with innovative formulations for a deep skin rehydration
  • Dermosensitive

  • A line dedicated to sensitive and delicate skin, affected by capillary weakness
  • Alpha ProAge

  • New treatment to promote skin youth and brighteness through innovative ingredients
  • Soin Ways

  • From the Revivre R&D, 3 luxury treatments: the Soin rituals, which celebrate every woman essence
  • Joyful

  • A line to contrast the tissues relaxation, prevent and slow down the cutaneous aging process

  • A complete product line with a lightening effect to contrast melanin over-production

  • Personalized professional treatments to answer to any skin necessity

  • Forty+ Luxury Treatment, a complete kit composed by 4 phials with shocking action and a cream
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