Personal Body Program KIT 2

Cellulite is usually localized in the gluteus, even at a young age, and on the inside part of the thighs, causing easily visible imperfections, especially during the summer. There are many different causes of this imperfections and often difficult to solve. However, simple cosmetic treatments well performed by professional beauticians can greatly improve skin appearance.
Functional cosmetic products, expertise of beautician, body equipment to obtain immediate and visible results.

The use of multifunctional ingredients during the above ten phases, ensures a unique and efficacious pathway.

Personal Body Program KIT 2 includes:

MARIS SPA - TERGENTIS BOOSTER SPRAY - Body cleansing lotion enriched with trace elements and Rosemary, Sage and Ginseng extracts, purifies and relieves the skin enhancing the benefits of Revivre body treatments.

RESHAPE - LIPSTOP SERUM - Delicate fluid serum emulsion for a shaping and lypolitic action. The interaction of Amazon plant extracts works deliberately on fatty deposits, stimulates the micro circulation, and increases the cutaneous tone.

RESHAPE - WRAPPING HARMONY - Professional presoaked bandages with concentrated fluid for a forceful draining and firming action. The Guaranà and Clary Sage extract helps fight the deposit of liquids. Ivy and Hydrocotile, associated with liposome Escin, reinforce the micro circulation action.

RESHAPE - SHAPE UP CREM - Cream for professional use to fight cellulite flaws. Lipocare® complex is active on adiposity, while the Hydrocotile and Arnica extracts combat the accumulation of liquids leaving a soft and velvety skin.

RESHAPE - SCRUB EMULSION - Peeling emulsion. The natural micro elements while smoothing the skin help the cells regeneration and restore the circulation. The almond oil ensures the best hydration, preparing the skin for subsequent treatments.

RESHAPE - LIPSTOP BOOSTER - Professional modeling gel. Its thermogenic action stimulates micro circulation, promoting the reduction of adiposity. Its precious natural extracts of Marapuama and Catuaba impede the development of fat accumulation, increasing the cutaneous tone.

RESHAPE - WARM MASK - Creamy and soft valuable mask of thermo effect.Thanks to its heating action, this mask eases the modeling performance of plant extracts and Lipocare® complex. Skin will be bright and reinvigorated.

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