Kit Personal Body Program

Reshaping the silhouette, stimulating the micro circulation and favoring a whole wellness feeling thanks to specific paths with tested efficacy, which plan 10 treatment phases. This is the goal reached by Revivre with Personal Body Program, a professional program with personalized procedures which develop a precious synergy among manual massages, cosmetic products and latest generation equipment, to act specifically right in the heart of the most common beauty problems. Part of this innovative offer are also 3 kits specifically studied to prevent specific aesthetic problems which include a selection of highly effective products, result from the experience of the Revivre Laboratories.

Kit 1 – Slimming and toning abdomen, which is based on the synergy among 5 different products, each one with a specific action; kit 2 – Reducing glutei and thighs which consider the combined use of 7 references; Kit 3 – Toning gluteus and thighs with the use of 7 products with elevated performances.

The cosmetics which are part of the Personal Body Program Kit, as all the Revivre Products, are dermatologically tested.