Vibration is Revivre’s new cream Semi-permanent direct color.

Based on micro-pigments that are deposited between the cuticle on the Outer layers of the hair fiber. It is the secret weapon for perfect color that makes it possible to create a customized look To suit all personalities, preferences, complexions and moods.

  • Contains no peroxide and no ammonia

  • 7 spectacular bright and vivid shades

  • 1 Clear, a neutral cream, to create pastel shades

  • a palette of surprising, versatile, functional and reversible colors

  • enabling the hair stylist to create a work of art each time

Thanks to direct micro pigments, hat can fix themselves to the outer layers of the hair, depositing themselves between the cuticle and the outer layers of cortex, Vibration creates extraordinary results and leaves the shaft shiny, compact and protected. The delicate formulation is enriched with conditioning ingredients that add extra moisture and silkiness to the hair.

Vibration is reversible and is not a lasting commitment. Its effect gradually fades without leaving any regrowth issues. Generally Vibration lasts 3 to 20 washes but the color can last even longer depending on the concentration of pigments (if it is used pure or diluted) and the state of the hair.


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