Press8massage is a device for Compression Draining Massage, specifically tested by the Revivre laboratories for its lymphatic draining qualities thanks to the use of special leg covers (or arm-bands, upon request) in sections through which air is blown.
Treatment with this technology is recommended in the case of water retention and to limit imperfections caused by cellulite.

A special microprocessor means that the amount and the pressure of the air can be varied inside the sections, so as to create a natural presistaltic compression that works uniformly on the limb from low to high like a wave, helping blood and lymphatic flow, as well as helping liquids be reabsorbed in blood vessels. As they are reabsorbed into the blood vessels, the liquids carry with them the waste products held in the fibres. Depending on their size, these end up in the blood or lymphatic system. The compression reduces the space between adipose tissues and circulatory system, thus helping create contact between the adipose cells and the circulating substances that help to metabolise fats.

Press8massaggio leg covers are divided into foot, leg, groin with opening for lymph nodes, abdomen.
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