Observe nature, listen to it, transform its secrets into innovative formulas for beauty and well-being: this is the Research and Development department’s philosophy.

revivre_imgfilosofia_768x683Revivre has one of the most advanced in-house Research and Development Laboratory in the world that partners with the University of Pavia’s Department of Physiological and Pharmacological Sciences and other universities in Pennsylvania (USA), home to one of the most important medical centers in the United States.

The Revivre team of researchers formulates and develops innovative cosmetics and equipment

The cosmetics are distinguished by the use of natural active ingredients, essence oils and plant extracts. The select raw materials, stringent quality standard controls, numerous efficiency tests and dermatological tests guarantee Revivre product excellence and reliability, all rigorously Made in Italy. A wide range of over 400 products for every beauty need:  each single line, in fact, represents a solution targeted to treat imperfections, for the daily care and sun protection of the face, body and hair.

The facial, body and hair removal equipment inspired by the most advanced technologies on the American market are safe, efficient, reliable and custom designed to work in complete synergy with the Revivre cosmetic lines, enhancing treatment results. 

In total harmony with nature

Revivre is engaged in the global “Green Initiative – for a better world”,initiative in favor of an environmentally friendly development. It uses, in fact, innovative technologies and renewable energies that help to conduct the producing processes while protecting the environment, reducing waste. The BIOLIFE Medical & Beauty Village, the Milan headquarters, inaugurated in 2011 in Vernate, in the Agricultural South Park of Milan, combines beauty, technology, functionality and ecological compatibility. The whole building was built with the most modern and advanced energy-saving criteria and respect for the environment, in collaboration with several prestigious Italian and American research centers. Examples are the titanium dioxide floor (Active-Clean and Anti Bacterical Ceramic, developed by Italian technology) which is capable of absorbing, with eco-active properties, a daily amount of carbon dioxide equal to that of a forest of 70 trees; the collection and reuse of rainwater for non-potable uses; the production of energy through photovoltaic systems.