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Taking care of your feet? A big help comes from nature and from the Revivre experience, which brought together in the newest cosmetic proposal “Feetness” the best Essential Oils and the most effective active vegetable extracts for the beauty and wellness of the feet. A range of SPA treatments for professional use and for home care. The Feetness line consists of a Podalic Bath Gel, an Intensive Scrub Gel, a refreshing and deodorant lotion, a refreshing and protective Emugel and two creams, one with exfoliating action, and one with protective and emollient actions. The feetness treatments are effective to reduce skin thickening, corns, calluses and soft corns and let you control the excessive sweating. They play an exfoliating action, are able to soften the skin, protect it, improve the sweating balancing process, counteract the excessive development of the microbial flora, protect and prevent the rise of further problems. For home treatments, the Feetness line offers Retard Gel – inhibitor gel for unwanted hair.
Perfect even after the pulsed light treatments with Revivre Skin Epil technology, it helps to keep the post hair removal results longer, while protecting the skin.

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