Treatments to recover, nourish, volumizing the main, giving vitality, strength and brilliance.
  • Revivre AltaStructa

  • Specific treatments to counteract problems of the stem
  • Hct

  • Aesthetic treatment for a deep reconstruction of hair deeply damaged
  • REVIVRE_AltaStructa_Restructuring
  • Restructuring

  • A product line which regenerates hair and acting deeply in the hair structure
  • REVIVRE_AltaStructa_Nourishing

  • A treatment which permits to repair hair from chemical agents
  • REVIVRE_AltaStructa_Volumizing
  • Volumizing

  • A treatment to guarantee the proper capillary hydration, making hair more voluminous
  • REVIVRE_AltaStructa_Multif
  • Multifunction

  • Multi-tasking products able to enhance the results of the three previous programs
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