Body Reshape

Vacuum deep tissue massage & ultrasound
Body Reshape treatments have a deep draining action, contouring and toning the silhouette. They fight against the appearance of cellulite, encourage the elimination of excessive liquids and tone the skin. Body Reshape is a synergy which makes the
most of the power and the effectiveness of 800 kHz ultrasounds and of deep tissue massage enhanced with colour energy treatment.

Body Reshape is a new tool created by the Revivre laboratories to fight the appearancof cellulite and the loss of skin tone. It can be used scar-tissue release, draining and rhythmic massage.

This new technology has a latest generation head for deep tissue massage. Based on a patented principle of Vacuum Massages, to avoid damage to the structure of the skin or to the capillaries, our technicians rhythmically alternate aspiration and pause, adding a positive pressure timed according the skin types and programmes tailored to individual needs. Treatments are accompanied by colour energy which has a positive impact on the state of mind and creates a personalised approach for each client.

800 KHZ Ultrasound
800 kHz ultrasounds can reach the deepest layers of tissue weakening the adipose structure, stimulating microcirculation and gradually reducing edematous or fibrous cellulite and thus toning the body. Its key advantage is its ergonomic head which enables the operator to work easily and precisely.
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